Huawei 'behind the scenes of Vivid Sydney' films

I worked with an awesome team on a really fun creative project recently with Klinik TV for Huawei. To assist with the launch of their new P9 smartphone, we produced a series of online films to showcase the quality of the phone's camera capabilities (complete with a Leica lens!) by filming the content with the phone! What better way to test it out than by filming extreme contrasts of low light and bright lights at Vivid Sydney.

The films were a behind the scenes look at how we filmed everything on the phones (complete with rigging the phone on tripods, sliders and ronin rig), the partnership with Huawei and Vivid Sydney and an in depth look at the technical specifications of the phone.

Big thanks to our fearless leader Anthony Damianakis, super creative Director Nicholas Price, the ridiculously talented DP and editor Stephen Mylonas, and the best troubleshooter in the business - Joe Hell.

You can see the full sequence of the 4 films we created here.